16 100% Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a huge problem that millions of males face every day, regardless of their age. ED is triggered by many different factors - not just old age.


The good news is - Erectile dysfunction can be cured - naturally. While there are many treatment options involving medication and surgery, we encourage you to try our 20 natural remedies that are proven to help get rid of erectile dysfunction.


As always, we recommend that you discuss with your doctor before trying any treatments.




An exercise course on erectile dysfunction is a good option for you, and we recommend Regeneration 2.0. This program lasts for 60 days, and it is designed in order to restore life back to your body and reactivate your prowess in bed again. You will find exercises that are meant for increasing male girth, as well as, enhancing your endurance and stamina. You will, also, get a nutritional guide for your libido and a detoxification and cell regeneration exercise routine to get your body started up. Coach Reggie will also get to provide you with free consultation services once you purchase this program.




Exercise is important in treating erectile dysfunction. Its impact on your body is tremendous, and it can help to tackle erectile dysfunction development in your body or reverse it as soon as it becomes an issue. Exercise will improve your blood circulation, which is essential for strong erections and testosterone production.




Eating healthy foods can combat erectile dysfunction. Ensure that you have a food regime that is packed with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, as well as, fish. Then, try as much as possible to reduce your intake of red meat, as well as refined grains.




Black seed oil has been attributed with lots of strength that have a positive effect on male sexual performance. Its potential in the restoration of normal balance to ailments that have to do with sexual weakness is massive and the principles through which this is possible is connected to the ingredients which are contained in black seed oil, one of which is zinc.




L-Dopa concentrations in Mucuna are very high which triggers dopamine release by the brain. This results in pituitary gland stimulation which is responsible for the production of the growth hormone and helps to promote muscle growth, enhanced energy, while raising testosterone. All of these helps to increase male sexual drive and fertility in males. In China, Mucuna is seen as a herb that enhances the Jing and has properties that boost sex drive.




For many years, maca has been used for males and females as an aphrodisiac. it is believed that it can help to cure impotence in men and, also, erectile dysfunction. Also, maca may help to increase the volume of a seminal fluid, as well as, sperm motility.




Moringa has been established to be a very nutritious herb that contains a lot of minerals, as well as, essential vitamins. In fact, Moringa is made up of about 92 vitamins, including 46 antioxidants. Moringa seeds are found to be great enhancers of sexual hormone levels in males, especially, owing to its high concentration of Vitamin C and Vitamin D with Vitamin D being very important in the buildup of testosterone, while helping men to build strong erections that last long.




Erectile dysfunction can be worsened by bad sleeping habits, and research proves that sleep is connected to testosterone levels and your ability to perform in bed. Lower levels of testosterone are linked to sexual dysfunction.




Another incredible way to stop erectile dysfunction is to quit smoking, and this is important if your problem arises from vascular disease caused by a reduced flow of blood to your penis resulting from your arteries becoming narrow.




Since alcohol has been established as a depressant, it can result in short and long term erectile dysfunction. Nitric oxide is tasked with ensuring that you maintain your erection but consuming alcohol in large quantities will depress its secretion thereby lowering your ability to function sexually.




The side effects that result from pills which are consumed for a different health condition could result in erectile dysfunction. Medications for hypertension, antidepressants, heart medication, hormone drugs, chemotherapy, and more are some of the common culprits. If you get the feeling that you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction because of your medication, then, speak to your doctor.




Although some perspectives on the role of acupuncture in treating erectile dysfunction are conflicting, some research points out that men who are battling with erectile dysfunction as an antidepressant side effect may benefit from acupuncture. These antidepressants include SSRIs and SNRIs. About half of the patients who take these drugs are likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.




One of the very high-risk factors for erectile dysfunction is obesity and according to research, if you can get to drop your weight while avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, then, you can improve your condition. Check out Haritaki (regulates digestion) and Moringa (appetite suppression) to help with this goal.




From its name, you might get a lot of cues which the names of other remedies may not really give off, but it appears that this herb, for many years, has served as a viable treatment for erectile dysfunction. Located in the Far East, this traditional medicine is believed to contain icariin which functions just like the inhibitors that are found in Viagra.




An overly stressed man can develop problems performing sexually and finding effective ways to deal with stress-related issues can help to lower your stress levels and positively impact erectile dysfunction. Check out our Ashwagandha for a natural stress reliever!




Engaging in sexual activities which can help you to attain even partial erections could positively impact your erectile dysfunction problems. As blood flow increases to your penis, it can stimulate your sexual functions and result in improvements over time.