Here’s How Healing Crystals Can Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul

The human being is a dynamic union of body, soul, and mind that is constantly pulsating with universal energy. Energy tends to collect in major centers across the body, which are known as "chakra", a Sanskrit word that means "disk" or "wheel". From the summit of the head to the base of the spine, there are seven major chakras. These spinning energy wheels or disks correspond to specific nerve bundles and main organs in the body. 

When a chakra becomes blocked or unstable, certain adverse effects can begin to manifest physically and emotionally. In such cases, recommended therapies are often yoga and breathing techniques. However, healing crystals can also play an essential role in facilitating the body's healing process and restoring balance. Crystals are thought to increase the flow of good energy and aid in the removal of negative energy from the body and mind, resulting in physical and emotional benefits. Crystals act as channels for the earth's healing power. When employed with the right intention, they can help guide that energy toward more excellent health.

History of Healing Crystals

For generations, humans have used crystals for medicine and energy cleansing. Crystals were used for healing and protection by the ancient Egyptians. Several Indian spiritual texts describe the medicinal characteristics of particular crystals and how to employ them to alleviate ailments. Crystals are commonly employed in Chinese Buddhist medicine. Similarly, ancient Greeks and Romans used them for war protection and medicinal healing.
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How Crystals Heal the Body and Mind

Crystals have a unique impact on the mind and body. Their vibrations are caused by the particular way their atoms and molecules move and interact. These vibrations and energies can have an impact on our physical bodies as well as our minds.
Allow your crystal to sit in direct sunshine or moonlight for at least four hours, regardless of which one you choose. This process is necessary because absorbing sunlight and moonlight helps them store more energy. Setting intentions is another technique to optimize a crystal's potential. Your intention is absorbed by the stone, which then becomes active.

How to Choose Crystals

Different crystals can be used for healing and empowering several aspects of life and being. Clarifying your personal needs is the first step to selecting the best crystal for you. For instance, clear crystals are best suited to stimulate the immune system and balance body energy. On the other hand, a protective stone like obsidian can protect against physical and emotional harm.
Another popular crystal is rose quartz, a pink stone that can restore trust, respect, love, and harmony in all kinds of relationships, including the one you have with yourself, while also strengthening close bonds.
The best way to reap the full benefits of using healing crystals is to approach the process with a positive attitude and an open mind. The power of positive thinking coupled with the pure energy of these crystals can create a divine combination that can heal you from the inside out.
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