Juice Fasting With Herbs: The Right Way

“Health is wealth”, and “The human body is the best picture of the human soul" are a few of the hundreds of quotes that depict how important good health is.


With how vital a clean bill of health is, it is vital that you leverage healthy-living best practices.


You can do this in various ways. Suh as healthy eating habits, good sleeping patterns, and maintaining good body weight. And other unorthodox methods such as; herbal remedies, and traditional Chinese medicine,


What is Juice Fasting?


Juice fasting with herbs is one of the many dietary practices that can help the body with the cleansing of heavy metals and other toxins.


This practice holds so many benefits and you can practice it with little supervision from medical experts.


That said, what exactly is this term “Juice fasting"? In the simplest terms, a juice fast is a procedure that involves drinking DIY juices or premade juices gotten from herbs and vegetables. These juices usually have an addition of ample water, sometimes clear broths and at other times, tea.


You might be wondering how juicing is any different from the regular blending of fruits and vegetables. Here’s some quick explanation: when you juice fruits, you remove the pulpy part of the fruit from the liquid part. While blending practices involve the use of the fiber and pulp to bulk up the produce.


The extraction process used in juicing makes vegetable juices replete with a more concentrated amount of vitamins in contrast to their blended counterparts. A juice fast ranges between a twenty-four-hour to ten-day period.


How To Juice Fast


A juice fast takes dedication, discipline and the right amount of preparation to execute. How is it done? A juice fast is typically done in three stages; the preparatory stage, the cleanse, and the after- fast stage.


  • The preliminary stage involves the exclusion of certain foods like refined sugar, wheat, dairy products, alcohol, and meat. This will help reduce the cravings, headache, and withdrawals that might come with the diet change. To ease into the fast, we recommend an increased intake of vegetables and fruits.


  • During the cleansing stage, the real fast begins, this stage like the name implies is where the actual cleansing occurs. Depending on the duration of the fast you should consume a juice quantity of about 32 ounces daily. With about half of that quantity being juice derivatives from green vegetables.


  • After the fast, eat light foods for a few days with each passing day seeing a gradual increase in the food quantity. This helps in maintaining the balance of the body system created during the fast.


Juice Fasting With Herbs


The period of the juice fast is a great time to build your immunity because, during this period, the body is at its best receptive form. Herbs and supplements can help with this immune system boosting process. For centuries, humans have used herbs to treat illnesses and boost the immune system.



This is because herbs have a large range of phytochemicals and antioxidant compounds that stimulate the activity of protective enzymes. And also protect against fatal diseases and help in diminishing the risk of cancer.


Examples of these herbs and supplements are:


  • Lemon myrtle


  • Cardamom


  • Elderberries


  • Eucalyptus


  • Cloves


  • Astragalus


  • Rosemary


  • Lemongrass


Note this


During the fast, you should engage in body wellness practices so you can handle the effects of the fast. There are different juice fasting practices all varying in execution and products used. The benefits of juice fasting include clearer skin, elimination of toxins, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, weight loss amongst others.


juice fasting with herbs is excellent for building the immune system and will bring about the desired clean bill of health. it also ensures the body is well protected against diseases.


It is vital to make professional consultations from medical practitioners if you have any underlying medical conditions. Or unusual body reactions to any form of treatment at all.


It is also important to carry out a juice fast at a time where you'll work less and can access the restroom. The process isn't rosy and free from any form of discomforts but, the benefits outnumber the demerits.