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Ashwagandha Extract (Capsules) Destress
Jason Cheeks (Indianapolis, US)
Good product

Overall I noticed the difference of each
Supplement. The Banafsha is my favorite. It really do dry up the mucus.

Black Seed Oil (Liquid) The King of Seeds 8oz
Shirley Dean (Oklahoma City, US)
Second chance

I have more energy I am a CNA that works in a Hospital sometimes we may have 11 to 14 patients I work six days when everybody else think Ian crazy

Justin Keybok

This product has been helping me feel at my best. Good cognitive clarity. Suppresses my appetite for fasting. I recommend.


I like it a lot my family members ordered some

Blessing in disguise.

It unlocks so much it leaves me speechless because but I love my thinking process now.


Excellent supplement- love it, very relaxing & yet calmly energizing when taken during the day.

Ashwagandha Extract (Capsules) Destress

Banafsha Extract - The Ultimate Mucus Buster - *HIGHEST POTENCY*



Banafsha has cleared my body if all mucus in such a short amount of time. My lungs are so clear I can jog for a long time and I'm an ex-smoker!! BANAFSHA FOR THE WIN PRAISE YAH WORTHY IS THE LAMB!!

Blood Cleaning Tea

I absolutely swear by this fantastic elixir

Really Works!

Unsuccessful using other products for my son chest congestion. It took about a month of taking Banafsha Extract for him to finally bring up all that mucus. I immediately purchased another bottle!

Banafsha Extract - The Ultimate Mucus Buster - *HIGHEST POTENCY*

Love ❤️ this it is a God given! Thank You for a quality effective product!

Love ❤️ this it is a God given! Thank You for a quality effective product! I will do a free promotion anytime!! 53!!! From mucus ..respiratory...menopause...varicose veins ✔️ grateful 🙏 girl! God is good merciful and kind 🙏 divine inspiration for better quality of health 🙏 ✨️

I lost eleven pounds

The meal plan was easy to follow and I had a lot of energy. Will be doing again!

Less mucus

Started to remove mucus from system.

I feel so much better...even my poop doesn't smell bad like before..I'm more regular and my mind is more clear and I have more energy all day..


I honestly have been stuck for months. By stuck I mean stagnant. It has been really hard to focus and I just couldn’t understand why. But since I have been taking this herb. I have been getting my to list done every day. I’m more focused on the work I have been trying to do for months. I’m glad I found this product my prayer was answered in a mysterious way.

Ben Brooks (Reisterstown, US)


Brain Power
Dwayne Harris

Speedy delivery and a great product thank you

First week

Definitely feeling a difference in sleep and overall focus but that’s all I have for now I’ll report back after bottles is done for further update

Awesome product!

With in the first week I could feel the difference in my overall health just felt good and felt a little more clear in the morning.

Is Banasfsha helping me?

Since I been using Banasfsha Extract it has been very good for my asthma my wheezing was very loud and nothing seemed to help it. But I have mucus in my head that drain at night when I'm lying down, and it doesn't seem to help me with that problem.

Deep insight

Haritaki has given me better has helped me with my writing of a science fiction novel that I'm currently working on, giving me a clearer understanding of the characters and situations that they're in.