Bladderwrack Powder: Its History, Uses, And Benefits

Bladderwrack ( fucus vesiculosus), commonly known as Black-tang and Cutweed is a Brown seaweed. It is usually found along the coastlines of the North Sea, the Pacific ocean, the Atlantic ocean, and the western Baltic sea.


Brief History On The Use Of Bladderwrack

In 1811, Bladderwrack served as the original source of iodine. This led to its extensive use in the treatment of goiter. Goiter is the swelling of the thyroid gland that occurs as a result of an iodine deficiency.


Bladderwrack derives its name from its very visible vesicles. Apart from containing significant amounts of iodine, Bladderwrack is also a source of other minerals and antioxidants. There is an abundance of goodness within!


Bladderwrack powder as the name indicates is the dry-solid form of the seaweed. It is quite easy and convenient to make use of.


Uses of Bladderwrack

We can use bladderwrack as a supporting ingredient in the manufacturing of lotions, soaps, and creams. We can also use it as an ingredient in the making of smoothies.


When used in baths, it provides therapeutic relief as it eases pains, inflammation, and leaves the skin feeling great.


For use in a bath, sift half a cup's worth of the powder using a large strainer into the ready hot bath then mix it. For most food-grade Bladderwrack powder products, the quality of the powder can stay consistent for about three years if stored properly. The best storage method is freezer storage.


More Detailed Uses of Bladderwrack

Skin Care: Bladderwrack powder comprises minerals that purify the skin of toxins that cause wrinkles, excess fluid retention, and dryness. You can add Bladderwrack powder to your bathwater, and facial scrubs for detoxification of the skin.


Speed up the digestion process: Bladderwrack contains alginic acid which is a fiber that helps in the digestion of food. Therefore you can consume Bladderwrack to help lessen the effects of diarrhea.


Thyroid Stimulation: As stated earlier, Bladderwrack is a great source of iodine. And iodine offers numerous benefits for thyroid health. According to research, it helps regulate metabolism and thyroid functions.


Cancer Prevention: Fucoidan, a fiber that helps regulate the production of AP-I, is present in Bladderwrack. AP-I is a compound that is essential in the multiplication and growth of cells. it also lowers cholesterol and glucose levels. Slowing down this function decreases the growth of cancer tumors.


Other worthy mentions include its use as a treatment for emphysema, bronchitis, and urinary tract disorders. We can also use Bladderwrack in blood cleansing and can help bring anxiety under control. Overall it can help boost the strength of the immune system.



With little scientific knowledge available about its efficacy and dosage, you should take extreme care when you use it. That said, the dosage depends on factors such as the age of the user, pre-existing medical conditions, the strength of the immune system, etc.


Make sure to cooperate with your healthcare personnel in determining whether it is safe for your use. And when approved for use, follow their instructions to a tee.