Detoxifying the Body With Food Grade Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay occurs as an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate clay that consists of montmorillonite. With one of its earliest occurrences being in the cretaceous Benton shale located close to the Rock River in Wyoming, bentonite exists in different types with each type bearing the names of the most dominant element present.


The different types include potassium, calcium, aluminum, and sodium bentonite clay. It is versatile in its use and finds major applications in many fields and for a lot of uses. Some of these uses are; purification, binding, drilling mud, as an adsorbent, as groundwater barrier, for medicinal purposes, construction, and even farming.

Food Grade Bentonite Clay

With this article placing special focus on food grade bentonite clay, defining what exactly it is, is vital. Of all the types outlined previously, the calcium clay fits this description perfectly in composition and use. It has a soft and fine texture alongside a unique composition. Due to its absorbent qualities, this clay can absorb negatively charged toxins. With this functionality in place, it has become a key tool for body detoxification

Ingesting Bentonite Clay

When you consume Bentonite clay, your body absorbs its vitamins and minerals. Hence, it acts like a dietary supplement that can you can use much like the ones we buy from the store. So what is the proper way of ingesting Bentonite clay? Today, most people add it to their meals just like any other natural supplement. The most used and by far the most effective way to add Bentonite clay to your meals is by mixing it with a glass of water. The recommended amount would be half a teaspoon into a glass of water. After adding this, ensure that you stir it well and drink immediately. You can also add it to your water bottle. This can give you a refreshing feeling when you're on the move or at the workplace.


Food grade Bentonite clay has a variety of uses. Which range from skincare to Detox bathing. In this section, we will cover all these uses in-depth.

Skin Care: For skincare purposes, apply a paste of bentonite clay, mixed with water, on any irritation, burns, cuts, and itchy skin. Once it's dry, wash it off and watch your skin regain its glorious shine.

Bentonite Clay As A Facemask: It's a little known fact that most beauty products make use of bentonite clay due to its ability to remove toxins and impurities. To achieve healthy skin with bentonite clay, mix a paste of bentonite with water and apple cider vinegar. Once you've achieved an even mix, apply it to your face and leave it on for 15minutes. After this, wash off with water.

Use As A Detox Bath And For Oral Hygiene: To use Bentonite clay to detox your skin, add ⅓ cup of bentonite clay to your bath. This will ensure that it nurtures your skin evenly. It is also extremely beneficial to your teeth. It's abrasive enough to remove debris and plaque. And it also helps raise the pH level of your mouth. Making it difficult for bacteria to grow.

Helps Prevent Morning Sickness: Taking ½ teaspoon of bentonite clay in water can help with nausea experienced during morning sickness. Although not proven, several sources have verified that this helped them through morning sickness. Check with your medical professional before using Bentonite clay during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Calcium Bentonite Clay

Some other benefits of calcium bentonite clay are as follows: Treatment of poison ivy, for weight loss, relieving constipation, alternative treatment for diarrhea, etc. And most importantly, the detoxification of the body. The use of calcium bentonite externally for detoxification refers to its use in the cleansing of impurities from the skin. You can do this by making a calcium bentonite clay mask. The process is quite easy and you can do it at home with no hassle whatsoever. Below are the steps required for the mask making and the cleansing process.



  • Add pure water to the powder in a bowl


  • Stir until a paste forms.


It's that easy. Once you form the paste you can then go ahead to apply it on any part of the skin that needs detoxification and leave for a few minutes. Remove it after ten minutes with a clean wet cloth. What exactly does this do? The clay paste possesses electric charges that can pull toxins within the skin onto the surface. Once pulled to the surface, it binds with the clay and once you clean it off, it detoxifies your skin.

For external use, we recommend capsules or a teaspoon of the clay. As you should only ingest small amounts of the clay. Upon use, the capsule aids with the building of the immune system, and it also cleanses the body of pent up toxins. Furthermore, its use can help the body with the absorption of more nutrients. And the relieving of symptoms of digestive conditions and leaky gut.


Make sure to find out that whatever you ingest is edible. Also, liaise with your doctor before undergoing this therapy to find out its suitability for you. You can get your Bentonite clay from our trusted store.