Shilajit is Here and Provides Numerous Health Benefits

If you haven't heard of this natural substance, you are going to enjoy this product. Shilajit is found in the Himilayan mountains. It was originally discovered when residents saw monkeys licking resin off of the mountains. It comes from plants that have decomposed in a slow natural manner. The main benefit they found was it actually made the villagers more energetic. It contains fulvic acid and 85 ionic minerals. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic material compound. It is considered a completely natural auto immune booster.

Get Rid of Dangerous Diet Pills

Shilajit can greatly decrease chronic fatigue without having to take dangerous diet pills that contain stimulants and other unnatural ingredients. It helps by removing toxic minerals from the body and assists in restoring natural minerals that are already made in our bodies. For energy purposes, it is an incredibly useful supplement to stay naturally alert. It is known to help those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. It has been studied on lab rats that were used in a test by having them swim for a quarter of an hour for 21 days in a row. The test team saw an increase in their speed while swimming. Shilajit is believed to assist with mitochondria irregularities, or dysfunction which happens when the structures in the body that create energy have a malfunction in the cells.

Anemia Caused by Is Lack of Iron

When our bodies don't have enough iron, we get something known as anemia. This can happen when we don't have enough iron in our diet or lose a lot of blood. It can also occur when our bodies just don't absorb the mineral properly. People that are anemic are more tired in general, feel weaker, get colder extremities, and suffer from irregular heart rhythms. Shilajit contains properties to assist with iron deficiency and chronic fatigue in a significant manner.

Studies Done on Iron Deficiency

There has been studies conducted that introduced anemia to animals in a laboratory. There was eighteen rats in the study that were divided into three groups. Researchers give the anemia shots to the 2 of the three groups. In the third group, on day eleven, they was given five hundred milligrams of shilajit. On day twenty one, blood tests were taken from all eighteen rats that were in the three groups that were put into groups of six rats in each. When the results came in, the rats that got the shilajit, had more levels of hemoglobin, red blood cells and hematocrit, than the rest of the subjects in the second test group. It significantly reduced iron deficiency in this research study.

Infertility Issues

Plenty of aging men have issues with low sperm count and low testosterone levels. Another benefit of Shilajit is that it has been shown to speed up the sperm moving to the egg during sexual intercourse, and makes them faster travelers as well. The actual sperm count increases and has been studied to show the level of it's effectiveness. In a clinical study, sixty men with low sperm count issues or sperm mobility problems, were invited to participate in a study. They would be utilizing shilajit to test the effienciency of it as a natural male supplement. Sixty men were told to take it twice a day for three months after eating. When the study concluded, there was twelve percent increase in the participants with higher levels of sperm motility, or the speed in which it travels. The more amazing results were on the total sperm count. Sixty percent of the research study participants had a higher sperm count at the end of the study from using the Shilajit consistently and as prescribed by the researchers.

Issues with Low Testosterone Levels

One of the primary hormones that males have is known as testosterone. Women have a small amount of it as well, but it isn't a major factor in overall health. Some men have higher levels of testosterone than others and it can greatly affect their personal lives, health as well as many other aspects of how a man acts and feels about themself. As a man is aging, it can decrease, but there are other factors that affect whether someone suffers from low testosterone. A high fat, high cholesterol diet and a higher than normal level of stress can also contribute to low testosterone levels.

How a Man can Tell His Testosterone may Be Low

Sometimes low testosterone is due to natural aging as mentioned before, but has some signs that make it more easy to tell if you are suffering from it. Some things to look for are- having a decrease in the muscle mass that you used to have, chronic fatigue, losing your hair, gaining body fat, and a decreased interest in sexual activity. Shilajit was given in a study of volunteers that are male that were in the age range of 45 years old and 55 years old. This clinical study had given one half of the participants a placebo and the other half were taking 250 mg of Shilajit twice daily. The study went on for 3 months and the results were positive. Those that were given Shilajit had a noticeable increase in their testosterone levels compared to the group that did not receive any of the supplement.

Assists With the Effects of Aging

There is one thing that most human beings have in common, that is the desire to slow down the aging process. We will try many different things throughout our life like creams, foods and nutritional supplements to achieve a youthful appearance and bountiful energy. None of us want to look or feel old and we definitely want to increase the quality of our lives and live as long as possible. Taking high quality supplements and eating right is two ways that you can really assist with slowing down the aging process. Shilajit is a high-quality supplement that is full of fulvic acid. This is an extremely strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also helps to protect your body from free radicals that can cause cancer and other diseases and increase the aging process significantly. The more you use it, the more anti aging benefits you will reap.

Assists in Naturally Slowing Alzheimers Disease

As you begin aging, you may start to worry about getting Alzheimer's disease. This is a disease that progressively gets worse over time. It is a brain disorder that decreases your ability to retain information and affects your memory significantly. Shilajit has a molecular composition that research studies have shown that it may significantly slow Alzheimer's disease if you already have it. If you don't then it may prevent it. This is due to the fulvic acid which as mentioned before is a very strong antioxidant that also assists with cognitive functioning and helps your brain to prevent accumulation of tau protein. We need this protein in our nervous system, but in a regulated amount as too much of it can cause damage to your brain. Those that have studied fulvic acid in shilajit have noticed that it possibly stops excess buildup of the Tau protein.It also reduces inflammation, making Alzheimer's symptoms more bearable.

Heart Health and Shilajit

Our hearts are what keep us alive and beating every day. That is why heart health is such an important factor in increasing the longevity of your life and slowing down the process of aging. You want to make sure you get plenty of cardio exercise, follow a healthy diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. There has been studies done on rats that test cardiac performance using shilajit. In the study, some rats were given isoproterenol to cause some injury to heart health. The results were astounding. They discovered that the rats that had been given doses of shilajit before isoproterenol had less lesions in the heart. However well this may work, if you already are suffering from heart disease, consult a physician before taking Shilajit. Also if you have anemia or too much iron in your blood, or develop high heart rate, dizziness, have sickle cell anemia or get a rash then, discontinue use. All those side effects are uncommon but you always must be aware of any potential ones that may occur if you are in a certain group that has risk factors.