Sunlight And Its Numerous Benefits On The Body

Sunlight is one ray that holds great mystery and power. From its use in solar energy generation to its role in plant growth, we can't ignore its significance.


As is the case with most things in existence, there is always a bad side and a good side. We can say the same for sunlight. Its negative effects on human skin are more promoted than its beneficial effects.


Going forward, push aside whatever idea you have about sunlight. Especially those that amplify skin cancer and harmful UV radiation. Keep an open mind and learn from this article!


Sunlight And Its Effects On The Skin

When sunlight comes in contact with the skin at the right time and in the right proportion, the body produces Vitamin D. Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is a crucial ingredient for wellness and health.


A release of serotonin is also a resultant effect of exposure to sunlight. Serotonin helps in elevating moods and increasing calm and focus. Before listing the full benefits of sunlight, we must answer this:


“What is the best time to get sunlight and what proportion of sunlight is right?”


Being in the sun within the hours of 10 am and 2 pm for about 10 daily can provide the right balance needed for its greatest benefits.


Why You Should Get Out More

Summer is drawing near and with its arrival, comes all the glory of sun-filled days replete with barbecues, more beach hangouts, and a lot more outdoor activities.


Putting a stop to all feelings of excitement for the time you will spend in the rays of the sun would be a bummer.


In the coming summer, with the larger levels of sunlight available; what better time to get in on this if not now. Below are more well-discussed benefits drivable from exposure to sun rays;

Vitamin D Production: As we mentioned earlier, when sunlight comes in contact with the body it results in the production of vitamin D.

Some of these benefits include protection against inflammation, improved brain function, stronger bones, and lower blood pressure levels for hypertensive individuals. Low Vitamin D levels can contribute to the development of prostate cancer, dementia, and heart disease. Having a good reserve of vitamin D in the body can prevent all this.


Improved Mental Health: The presence of adequate serotonin within the body leads to a boost in moods. When the reverse is the case, seasonal pattern depression might occur.


Due to this connection between serotonin and elevated moods, treatment for seasonal pattern depression is light therapy. Why get light therapy when you can get some sunlight goodness?


Better Skin: Yes, when dealing with exposure to rays from the sun, there are skin cancer concerns. But the world health organization (WHO) has put it forward that measured sun exposure might help in the treatment of numerous skin conditions.


Doctors recommend UV radiation as a treatment for eczema, jaundice, acne, psoriasis. It is however important to know that this might not work for everyone as a result of varying skin types.


Weight Loss: Weight loss? How exactly does this happen? Is this possible? Well adding a bit of brightness to your life can help with weight loss and here’s how. In warmer months, it is more conducive and more fun to engage in more physically demanding outdoor activities.


With an increase in physical activity, there are greater chances that weight loss will set in. So do you have that fun activity you've always wanted to try? Go for it. Go on the hike, go bicycle riding, go on long runs, go camping. All these would be very beneficial to your health.



Research carried out on the effects of sunlight on certain ailments have had their preliminary studies reveal connections between sunlight as a potential treatment for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and thyroiditis.


More painstaking research will have to be done before we can solidify these connections.


This and the other benefits listed above just go on to show how important and positive a sprinkle of sunlight can be. You didn't have any cause to stay out and take in some sunlight? Well, now you have good reasons, go on outside and get some. While at that, enjoy living and look at the sunny side of everything.


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