The Power of Reading: And Why You Need To Start Reading Today

Many people believe that education is the only source of awareness. They go through years and years of school, studying materials, then they graduate with a certificate and never open another book for the rest of their lives. Many of us today are in this position and we do not see how dangerous it is. 


Reading is our primary source of gaining information that could shape our lives, careers, and even those of the generations coming after us. It is an inclusive activity that accommodates a wide genre and can help us both relax and learn. The best part of all is that it is a completely free activity, with so many resources online that can provide immediate access to a vast library, literally at the fingertips.


So why do many people not see this power?

Why it is important to read

There are many benefits that we can gain from constantly exposing our minds to new information. Apart from the regular stream of news and updates that we receive from media outlets, many of us do not build the habit of including reading in our daily routine


Gaining awareness


All the knowledge that exists in the world is evenly present in all places at the same time. And we can derive a lot of information from history. When deduced correctly and applied accordingly, information can help us to expand our realm of awareness and make active changes that will change the course of our individual lives.


The world has been in existence for more than a billion years, and many civilizations have risen and fallen. Often, documentation is the only evidence that we have of this past. Scholars from all generations have studied and translated their findings into new material. This loop has continued throughout time and today we are surrounded by this wealth of information. By reading, we can tap into these resources and expand our perception and awareness of the world around us


Improving Focus


Reading is one of the greatest tests of attention span. And by repeating this exercise daily, we improve our own ability to focus on bigger goals and targets. The world in the 21st century is a fast-paced global village. Every day, new developments and ideas emerge all competing for a thin slice of our attention. This constant exposure to an influx of concepts leaves us distracted and unable to concentrate for expanded periods of time.


Consuming long-form content like books, articles and journals will help us improve focus. And learning how to concentrate also has untold benefits on our productivity.


Increasing Brain Power


Numerous research has shown that reading is also a surefire way to strengthen the brain. Reading involves an incredible amount of concentration. People say you can get lost in a book. When this happens, you are completely absorbed by the story and the narratives shared. And this triggers an incredible amount of activity in the brain.


There are countless series of signals and circuits that occur in the brain as you read a book. All of these collectively make our brain stronger and more sophisticated. Reading helps to groom the minds, reform old mental pathways, and create entirely new ones.


Reading is one of the only activities that is recreational yet has so many benefits of mood, the mind, and the brain. By practicing this habit, you will gain access to a wider base of information, enhance your body systems, and improve your life as a whole.