The Wim Hof Breathing Technique Explained

The Wim Hof Method, what is it anyway? Put simply, the Wim Hof method is a breathing technique that gives you control over the dominant systems(such as the nervous system) of the body. Over the years, we've witnessed a variety of breathing techniques come to light but none of them has caused such a spur as the Wim hof method. 
Widely known as the brainchild of Guinness world record holder Wim Hof, this breathing technique has been used to complete tasks that seemed humanly impossible. Magnificent feats such as running a full marathon in the hottest desert with no water or food, treading Mount Everest with nothing on but shorts and shoes, and relaxing comfortably in ice baths for hours on end.  The most significant and arguably the most beneficial effect of The Wim hof method is its ability to help you willfully manipulate your immune system to ward off illnesses.
In today's society, we experience a lot of diseases that can easily be cured or avoided by building up our immune system, a good example of such diseases is CoronaVirus. So the question is, how do you start the Wim Hof Method? In this article, we will discuss the principles of this method and how you can implement it in your life.

Mastering The Wim Hof Breathing Technique

The Wim Hof method is a result of several years of yoga and meditation in harsh conditions of nature. Creator, Wim Hof subjected himself to these severe situations and learned to resist the effects on his body. This method can help you do the same if used correctly. 
Now, we will go into the steps involved in this exercise. It goes without saying that you should seek the advice of your medical practitioner first, don't try this while driving and practice this method at your own risk. The first step in this breathing exercise involves a process known as regulated hyperventilation.
Yeah, it might sound crazy seeing as hyperventilation is something that we can't control. But think of it as regular hyperventilation with you as the catalyst. According to this article by PainScience, Regulated or controlled hyperventilation is intended to stimulate an altered state, lubricate the emotional gears, facilitate self-expression, and reveal personal habits and limitations.

Enter Hyperventilation

To enter a state of controlled hyperventilation, you must first get into a comfortable position, preferably a meditation stance and try to broaden your lungs to make sure there is no construction. Next would be to Inhale deeply. Take in a deep breath for as long as you can and exhale, repeat this 10-15 times. 
After this, you will undergo a similar exercise called power breathing. Power breathing requires that you inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth in short but powerful Bursts. Do this 25-30 times, you might feel dizzy along the way though. If you can remember, controlled hyperventilation puts you in an altered state, and lubricates your emotional gears, during this time, your senses are heightened.
Now would be the perfect time to access what parts of your body lack strength and vitality and what part have those in excess. It may sound cheesy but try and fill up those parts that are lacking with positive energy and watch all the negative energy flow away. After the rapid breathing succession ( remember at least 25 times), breathe in a long heavy breath and make sure you fill your lungs to its maximum capacity. Once you do this, release all the air for as long as I can.


Bear in mind that you should be in a relaxed state while doing this.  The final step would be a recovery breath, after your release, all the air from your lungs, inhale once more and hold your breath for 10 seconds. Again, scan your body and look for spaces without the proper amount of energy and try to fill them up. Make sure to relax.  This concludes the first step in the Wim Hofman technique, practice this daily and watch yourself grow. If you feel like you can handle the challenge, add anaerobic exercises like push-ups or engage in yoga poses.

Embrace The Cold

Image of wim hof sitting on ice
The Wim Hof method wouldn't be complete without this iconic scene.  Hold your horses! You're not ready to brave the frozen tundra yet. This section should be carried out after the one above (Enter Hyperventilation). Once you've filled the negative/empty parts of your body with radiant energy, it's time for you to expose your body to cold temperatures.  There are various ways in which you can expose your body to sub-zero temperatures.
But as a newbie to this method, the best recommendation would be cold showers. Showering with cold water is recommended because you can control your level of exposure to the cold. You can start off by getting in the shower and turning it on. After you turn it on, place your feet into the jet stream of water first, this will help acclimate your body to the drop in temperature and shock.  Then move one to your stomach, after that your shoulders, next you back and lastly, your head. Repeat the body scan procedure one more time and look for areas that feel off and fill them up with more positive energy. (If you feel bodily discomfort, heavy shivering and numbness, try and get your body temperature back up immediately.)
Remember, your first try won't be perfect.  Think of this just like any other thing in life, baby steps first, then the big leaps. Over time, you'll adapt to the sub-zero temperatures and be ready for more difficult environments like the ice bath. And always remember what Wim says, " The cold is your warm friend." This is basically what The Wim Hof Method entails, do this exercise consistently and watch yourself transform into a healthier and vibrant person.