Top 5 Things To Do When Trying to Manifest Something

  1. Stop worrying about how long it take for it to come. (TIME DOESN’T MATTER ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!). Worry creates resistance and resistance will stop your manifestation in its tracks.
  2. Get 3 journals that have a value to you. (Nice fancy journals). With journal number 1 you will write your long term dreams which you will visualize from. Which journal number 2 you will write all of your short term goals which you will use everyday writing one of your while repeating them back to yourself, 3 times at 6am, 6 times at 12pm and 9 times at 6pm. Then with your last journal this will be your daily task and reflection journal which you will need to do in order to accomplish your goals.
  3. Start to visualize each of your goals happening while meditating. We call this time traveling. You must do this 3 times a day to increase your manifestation. While visualizing see and feel yourself there in the moment that you have accomplished your goal or dream.
  4. Wake up in the mornings an hour earlier and reflect on your previous day while outside. Put your hands and head to the sky and say I AM I AM I AM!
  5. Protect your dreams and energy and only share it with those who will support you and not cause any resistance or doubt into your head. This is very important for your dream to materialize. PROTECT YOUR DREAM!