Here Is A Quick Way To Perform A Blood Cleanse.

The blood performs one of the most important tasks in our body, transportation. As humans, our bodies require oxygen, hormones, and nutrients to function properly and survive.
Asides from this, we also need to excrete the toxins created by some of these processes. Blood does two things. It transports nutrients to organs that need them, and it also transports toxins out of those organs. This process lets us lead happy and healthy lives.
Our blood does a good job transporting all these elements on its own, but sometimes, we disrupt this natural flow due to improper health habits. When this happens, it is left for us to lend our bodies a helping hand. We can do this using various natural remedies, with emphasis on natural.
So how can you perform a blood cleanse naturally? You can naturally cleanse your blood by incorporating certain herbs and roots into your diet. And some of the most popular blood cleansing roots are Yellow dock and Burdock.

Yellow Dock

Yellow dock, also known as Rumex Crispus, is a root native to Europe and Asia but found all across the world. This plant belongs to the buckwheat family and possesses Yellowish-brown roots. It has long lance-shaped leaves, and its roots are quite thick and fleshy.
Traditionally this plant is used as a blood cleanser and purifier. How does it achieve this? Yellow Dock works by stimulating bile production, which helps in the digestion of fatty foods. Its active ingredient, Rumicin, also helps decongest the liver and is helpful against skin infections.
The Yellow Dock root also possesses laxative and tonic properties which can help ease bleeding of the lungs and rheumatism. It is also generally prescribed for blood diseases.


While their names sound alike, Burdock and Yellow dock are pretty different. Burdock comes from a genus of biennial plants known as Arctium. Its leaves are oval-shaped with a rough texture and dark green. Burdock plants can grow up to 2 feet tall with hollow stalks.
Burdock is used for a variety of reasons. It can be used to purify the blood, reduce joint pain, and treat colds. It also helps in increasing urine flow, tackling anorexia, and treating liver disease.
And like Yellow dock, you can apply Burdock to the skin to treat infections.

Combining The Two - Introducing In10sity Blood Cleanse Program with Tonic Tea

The In10sity Blood Cleanse Program helps to purify the blood and improve the body's PH level. Blood purification and our body's PH levels go hand in hand, and that is why we have formulated this tonic by combining two of nature's most potent blood cleansers, Yellow Dock and Burdock!
Blood Cleanse
This product comes with a four-week Blood cleanse program along with new recipes that will help you get the best results out of this tonic tea. Here are some benefits that come with a blood cleanse;
Benefits of cleansing the blood:
  • A blood cleanse helps remove the risk of various health and skin conditions caused by impure blood.
  • You will be less prone to skin issues like blemishes and dry skin.
  • Your body will experience an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to your organs, thereby leading to a more efficient system.
  • The blood purification process helps to improve your body's pH value, temperature, and water balance.
  • Healthy blood contains white blood cells that help minimize blood loss from an injury and ensure a healthy platelet count.
To get our blood cleanse program with Tonic tea, click this link. Also, check out our article on why our blood is a battery.