The Hidden Truth About Colloidal Gold

For over 5,000 years humans have used gold for medicinal and healing purposes. This comes after researchers found out that in ancient Egypt, Egyptians ingested gold for mental, bodily, and spiritual purification. 
In Alexandria, Egypt, the alchemist developed an elixir made of liquid gold that was thought to stimulate the life force by raising the level of vibration on all levels. The Egyptians also used gold in dentistry. Here is a remarkable fact; Approximately 13 tons of gold are used each year in the dental industry. 
The ancients believed that gold was a supernatural metal that outlined the perfection of all substances. In modern times, gold is still used to supplement diets and is also utilized in the medical industry. Even after thousands of years, we can see that gold is still referred to as the most precious metal in existence. 

Benefits Of Colloidal Gold

Colloidal gold promotes cellular generation, in turn healing surface wounds, tissue damage, and burns. Asides from this, colloidal gold has been observed to possess antibacterial properties, which can help decrease the risk of skin infection. This is the reason most topical skincare products contain gold. 
Asides from treating wounds, gold can slow or negate the signs of aging. It helps boost the skin's elasticity, thus repairing age-related skin issues such as spots and wrinkles.
Another amazing benefit of supplementing with colloidal gold is that it can help reduce inflammation, as shown in this scholarly study. Individuals who suffer from pains, headaches, and swelling will significantly benefit from adding colloidal gold to their diet.
Finally, gold can help promote cognitive health and memory. How? Well, the human body produces trace amounts of gold. This naturally produced gold helps support joint health and transmits electrical signals within our body. Studies have shown that electrical signals help promote and stimulate memory, concentration, and general cognitive processes. 

Why Choose Colloidal Gold Against Ionic Gold?

To answer this, we will first explain what colloidal gold is. Colloidal gold is nanoparticles of pure gold suspended in water. These particles are around a few nanometers in diameter - meaning they are so small, only the most powerful electron microscopes in existence can see them. It is known as colloidal gold because of the suspended gold particles present in the liquid. 
On the other hand, Ionic gold is supplements made from gold salt (Gold Chloride), not pure gold. These salts are dissolved in water to produce Ionic gold. Ionic gold has been potentially toxic to humans, so we highly recommend you stick with colloidal gold.

In10sity Super Saiyan Gold

Our Super Saiyan Gold is a natural mineral supplement produced in pristine conditions and rigorously tested. We serve only the best colloidal gold found in the United States and can assure you that our product is free from any gold salt.


To ensure maximum absorption, we recommend that you take Super Saiyan Gold in the morning, 20 minutes before a meal. The recommended dosage is 15mL daily for adults, although the optimum dosage varies between adults. 
Individuals have been known to consume as much as eight tablespoons daily to witness any effects. But it all boils down to you. So the question now is; How do you find out what dosage is right for you? Well, to find your optimum dosage, we recommend that you begin with ingesting two tablespoons daily for at least one week, then you can move on to four tablespoons daily for one week. 
If you begin to notice positive changes associated with gold supplementing in your body, then you have found your optimum dosage. For children, the recommended dosage is one tablespoon for every 70 pounds of body weight.

Allergy Information

Do not ingest this product if you are allergic to gold. Although allergic reactions to gold are uncommon, we advise that you apply a few drops at the back of your hand to discern if you are allergic. If you see no reactions within 30 minutes, then you should be able to handle gold supplementing.
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